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    I then did the same thing on Computer 1 to access Computer 3 entering in the appropriate info. You could remove the registry entry, but those drives will persist after a reboot. You'll find this option near the bottom of the drop-down menu. This only lets you create logical driver letter mappings to partitions. That was the key for mine. This is an obvious bug and none of the numerous solutions found on the Web work. Mine problem has been solved by a pure coincidance. I have tested it on Home Premium but I am not willing to speak for the other versions as I cannot test them. Backup and Restore Hi, I'm having a problem I tried to get resolved with Seagate. If you do you'll need to go back into Windows Media Centre and select the Remove folders from library radio button. If you try to use a junction ie, using the Sysinternals junction toolit will make the junction, but will not function. There's enough other forums out there to impress teenagers with your half-knowledge. In case you run into errors. This is how Windows 7 map folder to drive did it: Open Sync Center in Control Panel. Substitute your windows server for the and the for the user logon script. Its a simple and best software for synchronising. The win7 library tool also worked, though it seemd to mess up initiallly. This was the critical difference - if you create a Credential by just trying to access the network share and filling out the Windows Security - Enter Network Password dialog box which pops up, it forces the domain to be the LocalDomain. The mapped network drive shoud now be removed from your Computer window. Doing so saves your selected folder as the drive destination. You are now done!. On Windows Vista or Windows 7, open the command prompt as default user, not as Administrator. Cecilia Zhou It works like a charm!. Click on the Browse button. I have tested it on Home Premium but I am not willing to speak for the other versions as I cannot test them. They all create slightly different forms of symbolic links. I tried this but it did not work.

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